Ana García Zamora, IMACHIC’s founder, is resuming 60 years later, along with a tradition started almost hundred years ago by her family, this business dedicated to leather tan and trade. IMACHIC combines the traditional art of craft production inspired by the latest trends with customised products and creativity à la carte.
IMACHIC is a Valencian firm that produces leather bags, born from the dream of creating unique and special bags. All of our bags are made in Spain following a traditional, handcrafted process, and using the best bovine and cowhide leather, together with the best fabrics, minutely selected to meet the needs of our customers. The leather has a slightly grainy finish that respects the natural characteristics of the surface. We thoroughly believe that we must pay attention to the details, do everything the best way possible and constantly search for excellence, that is why our firm’s principles are keeping the tradition alive, maintaining a high-quality production and showing the latest trends in our customised products.

‘Creating unique and special bags’

Our leather bags are aimed at women who invent their own style and value the elegance, the functionality and the beauty of things. Each bag is a handmade work produced by expert craftsmen. These bags will make you feel special, will reflect your philosophy, your style and your personality. What is more, IMACHIC offers its customers the possibility to be a part of the production process by offering them the chance to design the finish, choose the colours and include all the details they want to create a unique and special bag.